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Immune Maturity in Early Life

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19 November 2020
Immune Maturity in Early Life

"The immune system of the fetus and year 1 infancy is actively down regulated to prevent excessive, destructive, and immunological reaction between mother and fetus"

Let's make it simple

The immune system of the fetus in the womb and the baby in the first year of life is weakened by Allah. However, it should be noted,the condition is not a negative thing. In fact, it is bu design. It has a purpose. Allah wants nothing but a wellness for the mother and the baby..

How does that happen?

A weak pregnant women, indeed their weaknesses are not bad at all. If we consider the weakness as a negative condition, then we intervene by strengthening the immune system, it can actually lead to a miscarriage or abnormal fetal growth.

From the moment of conception, the womb must be able to tolerate her husband's foreign sperm. When fertilization finally occurs, her uterus must be prepared to tolerate the blastocyst that present. And the placenta will then supply control signals so that the fetus is tolerated by the mother, and vice versa. When the baby is then born, there are some parts of the mother which still circulating in the baby's body, and vice versa. So, the weakness is meant to be with a purpose that the baby and mother to be tolerant of one another.

This is the reason why Allah made the immune system of a baby is not mature yet. Such as B cells which are quite a lot in newborns. Although there are many of them, their ability to produce antibodies is different from that of adults. The properties of the antibodies it produces are different. Because it was unactivated. If it wasn't, it could cause a lot of trouble. The baby's body will reject all the goods from his mother. That is why babies need a supply of antibodies from their mother. The difference between breast milk compositions with communication signals in the form of TGF beta, IL-10 will mature regulatory T cells which will respond in tolerance, not attacking it back. Masha Allah..

These cell community work together despite the difference of mechanisms, such as some are pro and some are against it, in a precise measured levels, controlling each other in the limitation set by Allah, in order to make a balance between TH 1, 2, 17, cytotoxic, and T regulators. Then thus created a BALANCED nature according to sunnatulloh.

So for pregnant women and breastfeeding mamma, stay strong and be patient during this trial of parenting.


- dr. Susilorini, Sp. PA. -

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