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Breastfeeding And The Improvement of Ummah

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29 October 2020
Breastfeeding And The Improvement of Ummah

Dr Bilal Philips, an international preacher, emphasized the importance of exemplary education in the education of the Prophet to his shahabah as the early generation of Islam. This material was conveyed by a Jamaican-born intellectual at the Hidayatullah National Gathering (Silatnas) arena at Gunung Tembak, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Friday (23/11/2018). "The only way to improve this already grown people is to give birth to a generation that is like the generation of shahabah," said Bilal Philips.

This da'i, who also called as Abu Ameenah, quoted Imam Malik's advice on the ideal educational method solution, namely referring to the generation of shahabah. "Imam Malik said that the future ummah could only be repaired by the way the previous people were repaired by the Prophet," he said in front of thousands of Hidayatullah preachers. Pendidikan-ala-rasulullah.html

Rasulullah's style of education is broad and complex. It involves many factors. This includes breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of a series of nabawiyah parenting. The muslim scholars agree on the baby's right to be fully breastfed for 2 years. This is so important that the Shari'a also regulates detailed solutions of when a baby isn't able to receive breastfeeding from his mother. Which is to find a wet nurse. But how difficult today to find wet nurse mom? It was easier back then: looking for wet nurse rather then to buy formula milk.

Our duty as the ummah of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu'alaihi wasallam is surely not easy nowadays. To bring back the glory of Islam. Meanwhile, the onslaught of the enemies of Islam on all fronts is so gripping that we are so dependent on things outside of the Shari'a. Included in the law of breastfeeding. We face so many advertisement for formula with all the easy access to it. We often chose the easiest way when faced with breastfeeding problem by turning to formula milk rather than trying to consult a lactation counselor. We, as people, are sometimes reluctant to get involved in spreading the da'wah of lactation because we feel that breastfeeding is a private matter. Amidst the fact that the success of a mother in breastfeeding her child involved the participation of society. Starting from health workers who handle childbirth, husbands, grandparents, uncles and aunts, relatives, neighbors, and the society, all of us need to take part and responsibility. It's not just a mother's job. Mother's job is to breastfeed. But the community, their job is to provide full support so that a mother can successfully fulfill her duties.

We shouldn't ignore it.

Are we going to continue to let a mother fail to breastfeed? Will we continue to suggest formula milk as a solution? Will we become narrow minded when we come across a mother who has breastfeeding problems? If the answer is no, then we are fighting on the same ark. As Imam Malik rahimahulloh said: "Sunnah is like Noah's ark. Whoever rides it, he will be saved. Whoever interrupts it, he will drown." So no matter who we are, get involved. Be an agent of change. Make the task of 2 years breastfeeding obligation complete perfectly.

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