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Unplanned Unassisted Birth Story

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01 May 2021
Unplanned Unassisted Birth Story

This is a patient's birth story a few years ago.


Every day is always a new adventure and experience for me, meeting different cases of childbirth. Unique, interesting, but not so many that makes me interested in writing it as a story like this one. I am very grateful that Allah SWT put me to work in a hospital when I just finished college many years ago. This hospital is a place for referral of patients from first-level health facilities. Emergency cases are daily basis for us. So I also have encountered various cases of childbirth at home, biidznillah, Alhamdulillah.

Calm does not mean not serious, but everything is measured according to medical standards based on my clinical knowledge and experience, Insha Allah. Not only as a medical companion for childbirth but also as a psychological supporter for patients when they are about to give birth. The difference in the psychological condition of patients who go through labor in the hospital and at home is clearly different. The incidence of patients giving birth in the hospital with uncontrolled hysterical screams along with negative or even dirty words from them is something that I usually find. However, not all patients in the hospital are like that. I can comprehend this because of their lack of knowledge in the labor process. Meanwhile, patients who want to give birth at home are more updated with knowledge, through the process of preparation and careful consideration of the risks that will occur, because knowing their nature and well informed is what makes their faith risen. In fact, they will be ready when the provider who should give assistance cannot come or late, then the incidence of unassisted births will occur. However, unfortunately I came across several times some patients who wanted to do home birth even without assistance and understanding of the risks of home birth without preparation. Subhanallah

QS. Az Zumar : 9 “Is one who is devoutly obedient during periods of the night, prostrating and standing [in prayer], fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord, [like one who does not]? Say, "Are those who know equal to those who do not know?" Only they will remember [who are] people of understanding..”

As a human being, especially a mukmin, tawakal is our obligation, it cannot be separated from our pregnancy and childbirth phases. But we, as humans, don't forget that Allah SWT created humans and their minds to think and process better in the future. The complicating factor does exist. The care providers must be present because of a certain condition. To the point that in the history of midwifery there were male midwives who existed abroad, because there was a difficulty during the process the baby's head came out of the vagina, so the strength of male proovider was needed to withdraw, called Forcep (currently this method is not used anymore) .

I highly appreciated the families who have experienced childbirth without a health worker assist them which was unplanned from the start. I strongly stressed the word "unplanned" because it is very risky to deliver a baby without help from medical provider. Even my brother, who I assumed had many experience of unassisted childbirth, I still strongly remind him and at the same time I was always asked to be in his assistance for his wife delivery. Even when the baby has come out, emergency monitoring by care providers will still be needed.

A couple of time ago, I was tagged by a friend of mine on Facebook, on a story of a husband whose wife was forced to have a home birth without a midwife because she was refused to give birth at the midwife's practice due to her low blood sugar level.

Frankly speaking, I feel sorry and sad for the health provider who insisted to refuse the patient without any suggestions to empower the mother to be. We should consider what happens if these patients are desperately to undergo a physiological process that requires extra attention at home because they avoid other health services due to trauma or other reasons, while we cannot help them. Without being able to know at any time, is the fetal heart rate still good? Did the mother experience heavy bleeding? Or are there any complications during the process? Patients who give birth in remote places, still it is our responsibility to support the safety of mothers and their babies, in upholding the quality of our health services in this country.

We should not refuse these patients and asked her strong commitment to improve her nutrition, to check the blood test in lab to find out if there are any abnormalities that hinder the increase in HB, the commitment of the patient that must be willing to be intervened and even refer to a hospital in case of emergency. Moreover, it was still 8 months pregnant, Insha Allah there is still time to make that preparation. The duty of the midwife is not only to assist during childbirth but also to take a role in preparing before childbirth in order to get a healthy delivery and minimum trauma.

Incidentally,this mention of FB coincided when my own patient gave birth at home without a midwife, so I had not answered the mention and waited for free time to write the story of my patient.

Mrs L was pregnant with her 5th child. She gave birth of her 4th child, approximately 1.5 years ago, with my assistance at her home, naturally and smoothly. It's been a long time until I heard the news she was pregnant again when her due date was near.

March 22, 2017 at 7:49 p.m.

Mrs. L contacted me via whatsapp saying that the midwife who supposed to help her was not available, while she already had contractions even though not often and had mucus mixed with blood. She also said she was doubtful about the midwife since the midwife was hesitant about the condition of Mother L's baby who was considered too big.

"It seems like I have to deal with Mbak Wina again and hopefully Mbak Wina is willing to assist me." That's what Mother L said to me.

Mother L is tall and this is her fifth pregnancy with a history one of her daughter was born with a weight of 4 kgs. So the circumstances and the history convinced me that it would be okay to give birth to a big baby once again. So I agreed to handle her labor because we had known each other in the previous delivery.

25 Maret 2017 08.30 p.m

Mrs. L contacted me and said, “the water is broken bu Wina, and the color is green!”

I asked her to send the picture of the amniotic fluid because I was on duty that afternoon in the hospital. I couldn’t receive the picture because of the bad signal so I called to suggest to go the nearest midwife to check her baby’s heart rate, is it still good or is there any sign of distress. Ten minutes later I was contacted just to be informed that the baby and placenta were delivered!.

“Alhamdulillah, the baby is born Bu Wina. It was no time to go the midwife. Could you come here to check please?” she asked.

I rushed to ask permission to leave my duty to do a visit to Mrs L. It was not an easy way to go there because of the traffic and it was raininig hard. On my way there I kept praying to Allah to guard Mrs L and her baby and wishing there is no complications on both of them.

Mr. P, Mrs L’s husband was waiting for me when I arrived there. I then checked Mrs L and the baby and very relieve to know that both of them were perfectly healthy. I did post partum check and do the stitches to perineum rupture while listening her story about the process.

“I already called the midwife but she refused to come. I was unable to go there because of to weak, that’s why I waited for you to come after you finished your duty. But it turned out the baby came out suddenly.”

The medical evaluation was done, the mother was cleaned, then we weighed the baby. It was 4300 grams dan 54 cms in length. Ma sha Allah. Welcome Baby F, May Allah make you a good child for your parents and for Islam. Aamiin.

As a midwife, it is my duty to remind my patients that Allah is Al Wakiil, He is the One Who Represents or The Most Nurturing and Taking Care of all the needs of His creatures. I remind my patients again of the nature of pregnancy and childbirth that Allah has created perfectly. Educate them how to deal it with faith and knowledge. How to monitor the emergency before, during and after delivery. Providing medical intervention if absolutely necessary. I was inspired by this verse, “…And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.…”

QS. Al Maidah : 32.

After we acknowledge Allah through His names, then perfecting our efforts as a form of worship to Him, then the next stage is to establish in our heart that nothing is able to help us except Allah alone. After our maximum effort, do not depend on beings, because they are all just intermediaries. Depend on Allah alone. Begin the stages for tawakal. If it turns out to be an unassisted birth, Insha Allah, Allah will make it easier to give birth through the hands of His angels directly. So don't skip every single stages

-Bidan Wina, Papilio Natural Birth Centre-

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